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Newly Opened Hostel in Osaka

Freedom, passport, beer, T-shirts, and cameras. This hostel features people traveling the world.

My recent shoot for Hostel Shin Osaka Kita Fuga (Yodogawa ward, Osaka) was something motivates me to go traveling the world, again.

I don’t think I’m one of the “Haves.” I have a camera, yes, but I have never regarded myself as one of people who have something. These days, however, I don’t think I have nothing. I cannot get out of my apartment without any plan to get back. Never know if this is a kind of yoke. Never know if this is the sign of the “Haves.”

It’s time to plan a summer vacation.

The Style and Profile, Hostel Shin Osaka Kita Fuga

This portfolio’s theme is the young, freedom, and natural lights. I did not use flashes for the photos shown. Color is graded a bit warmer and exposure is brighter though black stays deep.

You can see the Hostel’s information on Facebook;

Hostel Shin Osaka Kita Fuga

We are a newly renovated hostel in SHIN-OSAKA KITA…

There are good night spots (for drink) within a walking distance. There also Times’ parking lot nearby if you have a car. The people is open-minded and speak English.

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