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Blacksmith in Osaka, October 2022

I was ordered to take a blacksmith’s photos in Sakai, Osaka, by an Australian company in this October. They sells Japanese handmaking knives and wanted to document a series of knife making processes by artisans. In that very low light situations I took both photos and videos.

DATE: October 6th, 2022
PHOTOGRAPHER: Hotaka Matsumura
Serial: Commercial Photography OCT. 2022

In early October, the group of Australians came to Osaka to see a blacksmith in Sakai. They are runing business and sells Japanese handmaking knives in Australia. One of them asked me if I have a good experience in low light photography. I answered yes because I actually have had sessions in Sakai for exactly same situations. They also wanted me to film moving images. I said yes again.

I did not use flash lights. I use Canon 1DX Mark II so my flash lights are Canon’s. It is prefereble if this session is just for photography. I also had to do video, however. I decided to use Aputure’s LS60X and had my assistant to operate it. I used Sony a7s Mark II as a video camera with DJI RS2. Exposure settings were at opposite poles according to subjects. Forging process must be underexposed.

Any other takes must be normally exposed. I use far much time for photo retouching than actual sessions. I won’t take photos with JPEG format. Each photo is an art work with my craft. The session rates therefore include not only actual photography sessions but also retouching. I want to deliver only best works to my clients.

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