PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICE IN JAPAN DAISHO PHOTOGRAPHY I'm a professional photographer based in Osaka, Japan. I shoot around Japan such as Osaka and Kyoto to offer high quality photography service for customers all over the world. HIGHLY SKILLED AND EXPERIENCED PHOTOGRAPHER HIGH QUALITY PHOTOS I'm showing many of my work samples for your reference on this site. Please let me help you have confidence that I will do the best for your project. FAST DELIVERY / PROMPT REPLY GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE I answer contact usually within one business day. I sometimes respond at night if it's urgent. I deliver products as fast as within 24 hours.

Hotaka Matsumura, Osaka Photographer

I’m shooting around Japan for companies and people from all over the world.


Daisho Photography works for commercial projects by foreign companies and covers such genre as interior, architecture, products or still life, fashion, portraits, event and sports. See more details on Service page.


I also take photos for corporate purposes like head shots of personnel, photos relating to public relations, events, conferences, spaces, and products. See more details on Service page.


My main subjects these days are women, girls, mother and child, nature, and landscapes. I also like cityscapes/street in particular unique to Osaka or Japan. Please go to my Photo Blog for more.

My Professional Works


Galleries are the assortment of my professional photography works and great for customers who’d like to see my quality and style for each genre.

My professional works includes architecture, interior, landscape, city/street, food, product, still life, travel, portraiture, and events. I basically prefer natural looks as possible as it can be, while I do not hesitate to use strobes to communicating with lights. Many of interior photos were shot with natural light only or the mix of natural and strobe lights. Others like food and product, and portraiture were mainly shot with strobes. My usage of both light sources stands on my aesthetics and professional purpose. I also retouch my shots with Lightroom or Photoshop for final tune.

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