PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICE IN JAPAN DAISHO PHOTOGRAPHY I'm a professional photographer based in Osaka, Japan. I shoot around Japan such as Osaka and Kyoto to offer high quality photography service for customers all over the world. HIGHLY SKILLED AND EXPERIENCED PHOTOGRAPHER HIGH QUALITY PHOTOS I'm showing many of my work samples for your reference on this site. Please let me help you have confidence that I will do the best for your project. FAST DELIVERY / PROMPT REPLY GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE I answer contact usually within one business day. I sometimes respond at night if it's urgent. I deliver products as fast as within 24 hours.


Portrait photography is one of my favorite genres. I often use strobes and/or modifiers to manipulate lights both on location and in studio while aiming for natural look. I also can do session in my small studio in Osaka.


I’m a skillful interior/architectural photographer and had sessions for more than a thousand. I have a magic both in shooting and photo processing and generate beautiful and natural photos. See my photos here.

Products/Still Life

I like still life photography that capture objects relatively in small sizes can be shot on table. With sophisticated lighting and composition, your products get look professionally and beautifully. See my gallery.


Let me know if you need recap photos of an event or sports games in Japan. I cover live concerts, press conference, corporate meetings/events, and sports games. I also offer multiple photographers for your options.


I’m one of a few who offer drone photography service in Japan to foreign clients. Japan has severe restrictions and needs proper directions when it comes to drone flying. Let’s discuss your plan and I will consult what can be done.

Mix of These Genres

Sometimes, I need to arrange sophisticated settings (lighting and composition) for each genre like space and product. This happens when it comes to, for example, Hotel/Resort photography. I have dedicated packages for these sessions.


I deliver data files online via your FTP or Wetransfer. I also can deliver prints as large as A2 (additional fee required). Let me know your preferred delivery method and formats.

For Whom I Work

Daisho Photography works for commercial, corporate, and/or media projects. If your photos are for private purpose like wedding, please contact Hotaka Photography, the web site dedicated to private photography service.

My Working Area (Usually)

I’m based in Osaka and can easily go to its surrounding cities like Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe. If you like my photography, I can go to remote area like Tokyo, Hokkaido, Okinawa, and Kyusyu.