Japanese Backgammon Champion Portrait Photography Session in Osaka

As an Osaka-based photographer, I recently had the unique opportunity to conduct a portrait photography session with the Japanese Backgammon Champion, commissioned by a company selling Backgammon merchandise. The Champion displayed an exceptional blend of humility and humor, making the session an unforgettable experience.

Our goal was to capture the essence of the Champion’s personality, revealing their genuine nature to the audience. We experimented with various lighting and background settings, allowing the subject’s vibrant spirit to shine through. The candid moments during our session showed the Champion’s playful side, while the more composed shots emphasized their dedication to the game.

In the end, we succeeded in creating a captivating portrait series that encapsulates the true character of the Japanese Backgammon Champion – a humble, yet immensely talented individual with an infectious sense of humor. This project has been an incredible opportunity to showcase the diverse range of emotions and nuances that make up the human experience, particularly within the competitive world of Backgammon.

ClientBackgammon BabyServicesPhotography, PortraitYear2019

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