At Daisho Photography, we have always been committed to capturing moments and creating visuals that speak volumes. As a commercial photographer, my work has predominantly been digital, delivering projects to clients globally without the need for physical prints. However, I firmly believe in the inherent beauty and impact of printed photographs.

The Digital Dilemma and the Beauty of Prints

In the digital age, the convenience of online galleries and digital portfolios has overshadowed the traditional art of printing photographs. My private art series, spanning over a decade, has been primarily showcased online. However, the allure of printed photography remains unmatched. Prints bring a tactile dimension to images, offering a depth and texture that digital screens cannot replicate.

Embracing the Art of Printing

Recognizing the underutilization of our studio’s Canon PRO-1000, a professional-grade printer, we decided to embark on a new venture: selling printed photographs. Inspired by a visit to a photography exhibition by Frederic Leyre in Kyoto, I was particularly struck by the deep blacks and matte finish of his prints. This encounter reignited my passion for printed photography, prompting me to explore the possibilities with our own works.

Launching Our Printed Collection

We have started creating prints on matte paper, which lends a painting-like quality and beautifully represents deep colors. Initially, we are introducing a line of postcards and limited edition A4-sized prints, anticipating a run of about 20 prints per image. The pricing for A4 prints is set to start around 3,000 yen.

Unique Sales Approach: Markets and Future Exhibitions

Intriguingly, we plan to sell these prints at local markets and flea markets around the city, offering a unique way for people to encounter and purchase our work. While we also plan to hold a formal exhibition in the future, focusing on larger prints, these smaller, more intimate venues provide an immediate and accessible platform for our work.

Behind the Scenes: Preparing for Print Sales

Currently, our studio is buzzing with activities, from creating photo panels to designing postcards. Each piece is crafted with the utmost care, ensuring that the final print captures the essence of the original digital image.

Stay Connected

For those interested in owning a piece of Daisho Photography’s printed collection, stay tuned to our updates. While we often choose to surprise our audience with impromptu sales locations, feel free to reach out for any specific requests or information.